The WLCT Acquires A Small But Important Piece of Land

The Warren Land Conservation Trust received the donation of a 10,000 SF parcel near the end of Pennsylvania Avenue in July. This parcel was the generous gift of Roger and Frances Orifice. Most of this wooded parcel is comprised of wetlands and therefore development would have difficult.

The Land Trust has identified a corridor of wetlands stretching from the marsh across from Malik’s Liquors north to the Massachusetts state line. This low-lying area is east of Market Street and west of Birch Swamp Road. Most of the upland land in this area has already been developed. The Land Trust has a number of wetlands properties in this corridor it is currently protecting, with plans to address dumping and the invasion of non-native plants on these parcels. The Land Trust is interested in protecting other privately held wetland areas in this corridor, with the goal of having a continuous wetland habitat all along this valuable natural resource.

The Orifices’ donation is one more step in protecting these fragile habitats and working to restore their ecological functions.

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