The WLCT Receives a Significant Donation of Land

The Warren Land Conservation Trust is pleased to announce the acquisition of 24.76 acres of valuable wetland habitat along the Palmer River. This was a generous donation from Ms. Karen Burnes of Westport, Massachusetts. The property is located at 314 Market Street and encompasses Assessor’s Plat Map 21, Lots 2, 11 and 50. This is next to 1.4 acres of saltmarsh already stewarded by the Trust. The merger of these properties will form the Barker Preserve, totaling 26.14 acres. A strict wetlands protection easement covers 94% of the donated land and is held by the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.

This important donation has been in the works for several years. It constitutes a 14% increase in land held by the WLCT and brings the total land protected and stewarded by the Trust to 199.56 acres.

The Warren Land Conservation Trust annual membership campaign is currently underway. Membership funds the land trust’s basic operations, as well as trail development and maintenance, public educational events, and habitat protection. If you are interested in supporting efforts to protect open space in Warren and making them open to the public, you can make a donation on the Support Us page.

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