Drone footage of Jacob’s Point

Earlier this Fall (2019) board member Marcia Goodrum organized and attended a session of drone flying at Jacobs Point with Ben Lescault of Grace Barker Health, a certified drone aviator. The Warren Land Conservation Trust is very grateful to Ben for volunteering his considerable expertise to bring us this unique view. Enjoy the video and then go take a walk there!  Feel free to post comments on Vimeo. 

Tips for viewing: Click on the Full Screen icon on the lower right of the video to enlarge it, then click the ESC button on your keyboard to exit when it’s done.

HFP Forest Stewardship Plan Completed

The Warren Land Conservation Trust is pleased to announce that a comprehensive Forest Management Plan for the Haile Farm Preserve has been completed.  Prepared by Max Hence with the support of an EQIP grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, this 35-page document details the characteristics of four well defined “Management Units” and identifies current concerns and “desired future conditions” in detail.  It also contains recommendations and “best practices” for each area.  The report is available here: Stewardship Plan

It lays out an ambitious agenda of what is needed to ensure that the Haile Farm Preserve attains a healthy and productive state and is a reflection of the Trust’s commitment to serve as a worthy steward of this beautiful property.  Implementation of the recommendations will need to be done in a phased manner and will require considerable support from the Natural Resources Conservation Service and involvement on the part of our community.

We look forward to moving towards the goal of having Haile Farm Preserve reach its full environmental potential.

Trail Team Update

The Warren Land Conservation Trust continues to look for volunteers to join our Trail Team to help maintain and improve trails at our nature preserves. We meet twice a month at one of the properties weather permitting. We will meet from 10 AM to Noon one Friday a month and one day on a weekend. We will send e-mail reminders one week before each date specifying where to meet, so sign up for our Trail Team e-mail list at volunteerwlct@gmail.com.

Here is a list of the scheduled Trail Team dates for the next two months. We may schedule additional dates as the weather improves.

Saturday 2/8 (at HFP), Friday 2/14 (at HFP), Friday 3/13, Sunday 3/22

Thanks for the help!

2019 Purple Martin Report

The third season for Purple Martins at Jacob’s Point was most productive – nine pair nested and thirty six chicks were fledged.

Mid April produced few birds but as it warmed many young birds new to the area were calling Warren their home. Late June brought in a banded female bird. We never had a chance to read the band but she will return in the spring.

Steven Reinert of the Saltmarsh Sarrow Research Initiaitive showed a group of us how to band the martin chicks. Monitor Ginger Brown and her group helped with 28 chicks being banded.

In late July a flock of local and migrant birds stopped by, perhaps 80 or so, to check out the site and many of the dead trees in the area were covered with fledglings, many with bands.

The site was looked after by Ginger Brown and her wonderful group from LIFE, Inc. and by John Tracy who is responsible for the attached photos.

The next step will be to lower the gourds and prepare them for winter storage … and the return of the birds next spring!!