Ben Gagliadardi Helps Document the Haile Farm Preserve

The WLCT is grateful to Ben Gagliadardi for setting up a site which documents the biodiversity of the Haile Farm Preserve. According to Ben:

I have created a publicly viewable project called “Biodiversity of the Haile Farm Preserve.” This project is just a collection of photos and a species list that automatically includes any observations that are uploaded within the boundaries of the Haile Farm Preserve. You can see that there are already 25 photos automatically included from 7 different observers.

What’s nice about this is that the project will remain online and publicly accessible in perpetuity and it will grow as more folks upload observations. I will check in on it from time to time to aid in identifications, and you will be able to keep an accurate running list of the plant, animal, and fungal species that occur in the area. Also, anyone with nature photos taken in the past with a digital camera can also retroactively upload them via the iNaturalist website.

Kayak Launch Area Making Progress

The Warren Land Conservation Trust is pleased to announce that it has received an “Assent” from the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) to develop a kayak launch area including 2 parking spaces at its newly acquired property fronting on Mount Hope Bay at the end of Maple Road. The project approval is good for three years and covers, in addition to the pervious parking area, a kayak rack and benches. Serious planning can now begin.
Plan of Proposed Kayak Launch Area and CRMC Notice of Assent

Web Site Updates

We take some pride in keeping our web site up to date and relevant. A significant development is that we have added an “archives” page to the site. If you click on News and Events on the menu you will find links to most of the items that have appeared on the Home Page since the inception of the site. It is interesting to see the broad range of subjects that have been addressed.

Also under Support Us there is a new page dealing with the Warren Land Conservation Trust Endowment Fund, held at the Rhode Island Foundation, and other opportunities for long term support of Trust through “planned giving.” Take a look.