Haile Farm Preserve Plant Inventory

WLCT is excited to share a report from the New England Botanical Society in their efforts to enhance the herbarium records for Bristol County, RI.

You can access the full list of species from the collection foray here.

Society members collected and analyzed 49 vascular plant species at Haile Farm Preserve. 22 species (45%) had never been documented in Bristol County, and 13 had not been documented in the last century! Specimens are stored at Brown University and New England Botanical Society at Harvard University Herbaria.

Thanks to the entire team at New England Botanical Society! As shared by Lisa A. Standley PhD,  NEBS Curator of Vascular Plants: “These results are tremendously valuable to our knowledge of the distribution and status of plants in New England.”

How can you help? Join iNaturalist and contribute your observations to the Biodiversity at Haile Farm Preserve project! 

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