Haile Farm Preserve Moss Sightings

On the site walk at Haile Farm Preserve last October, Charlie DeLavoi, a bryologist, noted the following moss species:

Liverworts: Frullania

Mosses: Mnium, Plagiomnium, Bryum, Brachythecium, Atrichum, Pohlia, Polytrichrum, Sphagnum, and Luecobryum

LIchens: Flavioparmela, Xanthoria, Parmelia, and Cladonia

Lycophytes: 2 sp.

Charlie DeLavoi M.Sc. is a recent graduate from the University of Connecticut’s Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department.  He is interested in the evolution of land plants, namely mosses, liverworts, and hornworts.  Charlie believes in promoting the value of these plants, whether it’s through citizen science projects at The Field Museum of Chicago, working on forensic investigations, using DNA to establishing species relations within the group, or sharing some interesting facts about them while on nature walks.  Charlie lives by the motto “Moss is Boss.”

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