Snowy Owl Photos

Butch Lombardi,  a former member of the WLCT Board and Chair of the Warren Conservation Commission, is also an extremely accomplished nature photographer. 

This year he has captured remarkable photos of Snowy Owls which have migrated our area for the winter.   To see his pictures click here:  Snowy Owls

Link to his web site: (Click here)


Haile Farm Preserve History

Interested in the history of the Haile Farm Preserve?

The property we call the Haile Farm Preserve was farmed continuously from 1682 to 1988.

To read the facininating history of this unique property click here – History of Haile Farm Preserve.

We are extremely grateful to a Haile descendent, Barbara Hail of Warren who provided this history which brings to life the trails we walk on today.  Betty Lang, a WLCT Board Member, aided with her transcription skills.  Thank you!

Haile Farm Preserve Work Update

Significant Steps at Haile Farm Preserve

A group of dedicated volunteers has been working on numerous “work days” to improve the trails at HFP (check our Facebook posts at and join us if you can).  But there were several issues that needed more intensive attention.

First, an abandoned “camp” was located on the property.  The amount of obvious junk and trash was considerable, and it lay right along one of our planned trails.  Clearly a hazard that needed to be removed.

Fortunately, we had been put in touch with the leadership of the local Boy Scout troop.  Several of their scouts were looking for projects to earn their Eagle Scout rank.  We defined the task and met with the interested scout, who accepted the considerable challenge of organizing and carrying out the cleanup project.

And he and his troop-mates and their parents did just that.  Over two weekends, they lugged load after load of yucky stuff over a temporary trail to the edge of our property, which borders the Swansea County Club.  (The scout also met with folks at the country club, who gave him the needed permissions).  Then a convoy of 5 trucks transported piles and piles of stuff to the Warren DPW’s transfer station for disposal.  The tallied weight of the trash was 1,928 pounds, plus several hundred pounds of recycled metal that was not weighed.

We congratulate Josh Amaral and Troop 25 for their fine work. 

(And discussions are underway with several other Eagle Scout candidates about other projects to be accomplished at the HFP!)

Then there was the issue of the entrance to our property.  Since we acquired the property, we have been accessing it (with permission) over land owned by the corporation that owns the old Fed Ex building.  The actual planned entrance is a right of way (ROW) slightly to the south.  But it had never been cleared and was badly overgrown.  As part of our agreement to acquire the property, the Town of Warren had agreed to clear the ROW.  Conversations with Jan Malik, the Director of the Department of Public Works, had defined this task and last week, using heavy equipment, the trail was cleared.   There is still work to be done on this 0.15 mile “trail,” but we can now tackle the task of providing easy, legal access to the Haile Farm Preserve.

Thank you to all the folks at Warren DPW for their help.

The Flying Boat of Jacob’s Point

Jacob’s Point – A Bit of History
At about the East Bay Bike Path marker for the Bristol/Warren line there is a path (marked by a WLCT sign) that leads to the Jacob’s Point beach. The path, which was reconditioned as part of the JP restoration, is definitely worth a walk. But the path also has an interesting history. In the early part of the 20th century the property that is currently the Jacob’s Point residential development was owned by Gerald Hanley, Sr.  He also owned the portion of the marsh containing the path and used it to access the hanger and railway at the its end which contained his Curtiss Wright (of Kitty Hawk fame) Flying Boat.

Mr. Hanley, who is credited with founding the RI Air National Guard, was in the vanguard of the flying movement and was inducted into the RI Aviation Hall of Fame.  For more information, go here Gerald T Hanley

Next time you walk the path imagine this remarkable vehicle taking off and “landing” in the Warren River.

(Photos courtesy of Jay Flanagan.)